Juventus entered this season with low expectations following a challenging previous campaign marked by off-field issues that led to their exclusion from European competition despite initially securing a top-four finish.

At the beginning of the current season, the club was relatively inactive in the transfer market, primarily focusing on offloading surplus players. The appointment of Cristiano Giuntoli aimed to stabilise the club’s finances and position them for future success.

Under the continued management of Max Allegri and without European football, the primary goal for fans was to secure a top-four finish. The Coppa Italia represented the most realistic chance of silverware, given the club’s historical success in the tournament. Winning the Italian Cup and securing a top-four finish were the expectations to deem the season successful.

However, Juventus exceeded expectations early in the season, leading the league table for a considerable period before being overtaken by the formidable Inter Milan. Fans began to dream of a potential league title under Allegri, who had previously secured five consecutive league titles during his earlier tenure at the club.

It is natural for fans to want the best outcome for their team, that is no different from wanting the best betting apps or the best electronic gadgets on the market, however, in recent weeks, Juventus has disappointed with subpar performances and dropped points. While still among the strongest teams in the league and likely to finish in the top three, the season will be deemed a failure if they now don’t clinch the league title.

That is the consequence of expectations changing as a season progresses and Juventus have found themselves embroiled in this changing of goal posts.

The current squad has demonstrated its potential to win the Scudetto, and the failure to capitalise on this opportunity may raise doubts about the club’s future success under Max Allegri. As discussions about alternative managers begin, players must elevate their performances and demonstrate pride in representing the club.

While winning the Coppa Italia would end a temporary trophy drought, it would not be cause for significant celebration as the league title seemed within grasp and was relinquished. Inter Milan’s dominance poses a considerable challenge, and there’s a risk of finishing behind AC Milan, who are in fine form and closely trailing Juventus in the standings.

The upcoming weeks will be crucial for Allegri and several players at the Allianz Stadium. Failing to secure the league title will be regarded as a significant setback, emphasising the need for a reassessment of the team’s direction and potential managerial changes.