Juventus’s disastrous loss against Napoli is being blamed on Massimiliano Allegri in some parts of the media.

A number of Italian sports papers have rated Allegri as low as 4/10 after being blamed for the choice made with Federico Chiesa 

The Bianconeri boss lined up a 3-5-2 formation with Chiesa surprisingly in the starting eleven as a right wing-back. It is a position he was not confident with having not played there since 2016. 

La Gazzetta Sport as cited by Football Italia says that the unfortunate position Chiesa was put in to play, left Juventus ‘exposed’ and ‘individual mistakes did the rest’ in one of the most embarrassing results in recent memory for the Bianconeri.  

Chiesa’s role was an issue, especially when it came to the defensive side of things and has left many pundits baffled as to why Allegri chose that formation and lineup.

Chiesa was given a position he wasn’t prepared for, leaving Corriere dello sport to report vis the same Football Italia report that, Juventus only had 10 minutes in and then was ‘blown away almost as if players were on the pitch by chance’.

With a lot of heat coming to Allegri after the disappointing match he must be feeling some sense of shame right now along with his team who should be saddened and aggrieved.