Before the season kicked off, not too many people expected Juventus to win the Scudetto. The bookies didn’t, most pundits and commentators didn’t, and if we’re honest, neither did too many Juve fans.

The general consensus was that a top-four finish, a return to the Champions League, and possibly winning the Coppa Italia would be a successful season. But, as is always the case, expectations changed.

The moment Juventus became title contenders and fans started to believe in winning Serie A, it was always going to be a huge disappointment if success did not materialise.

Now, Juventus is almost certainly going to be in next season’s Champions League. They are also going to be in the inaugural Club World Cup and very possibly be the winners of the Coppa Italia. Yet, Allegri is being criticised left, right, and centre.

Is that really fair? Allegri can quite rightly point out that he has met pre-season expectations. The only reason he is being attacked by fans and members of the media is that he surpassed expectations in the early stages of this campaign.

Personally, I believe that Allegri and Juventus should part ways after the season. But that is based on the type of football we have had to witness. It’s dull and predictable. However, I cannot say, hand on heart, that he has been a failure this season. He is achieving what I expected him to achieve. If anything, he has done better than I thought he would.

But I also believe another manager with a better football philosophy may have done even better this season with the squad at Allegri’s disposal.