During his playing days, there was never an argument between Juventus fans regarding the status of Pavel Nedved within the club. The retired left winger was unanimously loved and idolized by all Bianconeri supporters during his run in Turin between 2001 and 2009.

Even though the Czech had brilliant skills on the ball, he still was one of the most hardworking players during the time. Simply put, he had all the makings of a Juventus fan-favorite.

Nonetheless, his role within the management has been significantly less appreciated. Nedved has been serving as the club’s vice-president for quite some time and in the process receiving scathing criticism for his part in the club’s recent demise.

But in his column for ilBianconero, “Il Gobbo” argues that Nedved might just be the fans’ unsung hero within the management.

The journalist explains how the 50-year-old looked extremely concerned with the team’s current status during the embarrassing defeat to Monza, while other directors looked arrogant and hardly fazed by the events, particularly Maurizio Arrivabene who was joking with Monza’s Adriano Galliani before the match, and president Andrea Agnelli who wasn’t even present at the U-Power Stadium.

Finally, the writer recalls how Nedved has never been a fan of Max Allegri’s playing style, and was one of those who advocated his departure in 2019. At the moment, it appears that the majority of Juventus fans are in agreement with the Czech’s assessment