Italy is one of the biggest footballing countries in the world and the Italian government has done its best to ensure the game is played under the right conditions.

Laws like the Growth Decree and the opening of stadiums up to 75% of its total capacity this season are commendable efforts.

However, Lega Serie A President Luigi De Siervo doesn’t think they are doing enough for the sport.

In a recent interview, he slammed the Italian government for their efforts and sensationally claims they hate football.

He argues that there are other self-limiting laws that aren’t helping Serie A compete in the international market.

“Our country is one in which, as seen by the facts as they happened, the political class proves that it hates football,” De Siervo told Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper as quoted by Football Italia.

“It is important to remember that Serie A is the economic motor behind the whole system. Our position is serious, we have not asked the Government for financial assistance, but just to open up discussions for reforms so we can remove unfair limits and get the most out of our product.

“We ask for the opportunity to be back competing on the international market without being penalised by our own Government.”

Juve FC Says

Serie A is one of the biggest leagues in the world and remains popular among European fans.

However, it is still behind the English Premier League and arguably other leagues among the top five on the continent.

With more help from the government, the competition can close the gap between it and the other European competitions.

However, football isn’t the only sport being played in Italy and the government might be accused of being biased if they give preferential treatment to it.