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“It is an under-estimated league” Rabiot delivers Serie A verdict

June 6, 2021 - 9:41 am

Adrien Rabiot has insisted that Serie A is tougher than it is being considered around the world.

The French midfielder has just finished his second season with Juventus and it was a struggle for them.

The club’s midfield was particularly in poor form as the Bianconeri struggled to earn a top-four finish.

They won the Italian Cup and the Super Cup, however, their league and European form left a whole lot more to be desired.

The midfielder remains an important part of Juve’s plans for the new season and he would look to continue making an impact on the team in the coming campaign.

He is currently with the French national team as they prepare for the Euros later this month.

The midfielder spoke about Serie A and insisted that it was an underrated competition and said the training is very hard and perhaps harder than in other competitions.

He said in a press conference via Football Italia: “It is an under-estimated league. You learn so much from Serie A, especially when you arrive as a foreign player. There are other clubs where you work well too, not just Juve, which is why there are so many French players in Italy.

“The training is very hard, there is a lot of focus on the tactical side of the game. I have grown and matured so much, and you can see it in the way I play.

“I had talked to Gigi Buffon about that when we were teammates at PSG: he told me a season at Juve is worth two or three elsewhere.”

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    Martinn June 6, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    I do agree and I love Calcio but looking at the goal differences of a great many teams, we should not have struggled with those players to secure top 4 on our own