Stefano Pioli has played down the importance of his AC Milan side’s league game against Juventus and says it will not be the end of the road if they lose.

Milan and Juventus will face each other in Turin today in an important game for both sides as they bid to end this season inside the Champions League places.

Milan spent much of this season at the top of the league table, but they gradually dropped down and are now battling to finish the campaign in the Champions League places.

Juventus has surrendered their Serie A title to Inter Milan after a decade and is now struggling to end this season in the top four.

Both teams have the same points before the game with Juve staying just ahead of their visitors in the fourth position.

A win for the Bianconeri will send them three points clear of Milan with 3 games to go, while defeat would make sure they start this new week outside the top four.

Pioli admits that the game could be an exciting encounter, but he plays down the significance by stating that it will not be the end of the road to the Champions League for the losing side.

“We have to take in all the positive things from our journey so far, all the difficulties we overcame, so we can play like a mature team and know how to interpret the game tomorrow,” said Pioli in his press conference via Football Italia.

“It is the most exciting and stimulating match, certainly. Dreams are only wonderful if they come true. We prepared our strategy and gave it our complete focus.

“Whoever wins has a big possibility of qualifying for the Champions League, but tomorrow’s result won’t be the end of it. There are other matches after that, we also have a head-to-head with Atalanta, and it means we are in charge of our own destiny.”