While it wasn’t exactly a fun affair, the clash between Juventus and Fiorentina went down to the wire, with the Bianconeri defending their slim lead until the last seconds.

A major dramatic episode ensued in the final minutes when Gaetano Castrovilli came off the bench to score what was deemed to be the visitors’ equalizer. Nonetheless, VAR intervened to disallow the goal as Luca Ranieri was marginally offside while in an active position.

Coincidentally, Max Allegri’s men also had a similar goal ruled out earlier in the match as the semi-automated offside technology caught Dusan Vlahovic in an illegal position.

Nevertheless, the late drama prompted an ironic comment from Wojciech Szczesny. The custodian noted that these situations usually ensue against our club – with the most obvious example being the scandalous VAR intervention against Salernitana last September.

“It seemed like a foul to me, then the referee said it was offside but I didn’t know that,” said the Pole in his post-match interview with DAZN via ilBianconero.

“It was nice, as it’s the first time it happens to me, it usually happens against us. So let’s enjoy this victory even in slightly lucky conditions”.

“We had a good first half. But in the last 20 minutes, Fiorentina had all of their offensive players on the pitch, so you need to have the humility to defend.

“Tonight, in a chaotic fashion, we brought home the result and that’s what counts.”

Szczesny also explained the mental approach he adopted to deal with the severe point deduction

“Everyone had different reactions. We were nervous for a couple of days. I got up every morning and looked at the standings with the points earned on the pitch, because it stimulates me.”