Fabio Paratici has responded to Juventus’ loss to Benevento in Serie A, this afternoon.

The Bianconeri were beaten by Filippo Inzaghi’s side, who are undefeated against Juve in Serie A this season, the first newly promoted team to do that in 8 years.

Juve has crashed out of the Champions League and is chasing the leading pack for the Scudetto.

With Inter Milan 10 points ahead of them after the last game week, they needed to win their remaining matches to keep themselves in the race.

Benevento ensured it didn’t happen against them today and it was a sad day for Juve and their fans.

Paratici admits that the final score was unexpected, but insisted that there have been better days for the team.

He also said that they would continue to fight for the league title despite the setback.

On the future of Andrea Pirlo, he insisted that the former midfielder will continue as their manager.

Fabio Paratici spoke to Sky Sport via Ilbianconero: “It was an unexpected match, I’m here to underline the fact that we have given the fans so much joy, unfortunately, today there is great bitterness, we played a bad match, the championship goes on. Head down and pedal, we have to go forward and improve “

On the future, he added: “We have a schedule, it’s not a game that shifts our ideas, we have a line that we have taken at the beginning of the year regarding the squad. Pirlo? The line continues, we are very convinced of what we are doing, logically trying to lower our heads and improve “