By the end of every Juventus match, we can always expect Antonio Cassano to berate the tactical choices of Max Allegri. This has become a recurring theme throughout the season.

While one would imagine that the retired striker would eventually run out of words with the campaign close to conclusion, it appears that he was actually saving the best for last.

Last Sunday, the Bianconeri struggled to beat Venezia at home. Leonardo Bonucci saved the day by scoring twice to secure a 2-1 win against the bottom of the table side.

Many fans and observers also ridiculed the Juventus manager for bringing in Giorgio Chiellini for Dusan Vlahovic in the final 10 minutes, a substitution that marked Allegri’s ultra-cautious approach.

Of course Cassano wasn’t going to miss on the party, and he launched one his most scathing attacks on his former manager, claiming that it was his then-assistant Mauro Tassotti who used to set the tactics during their time together at Milan.

“They say that Allegri can’t be sacked because he earns 10 million euros. But I say that this is exactly why Juventus should send him packing,” said Cassano during his appearance on Bobo TV via ilBianconero.

“In January, Juve threw in 100 million, that’s why he’ll be able to finish fourth. Vlahovic only scored six goals in four months. At Fiorentina he scored seventeen.

“I worked with Allegri for two years at Milan and it was Tassotti who set the tactics, not him. With Max, we laughed and he joked, he went on the pitch and won the Scudetto. He did the same thing at Juventus. He doesn’t change anything, he’s only good at managing the group.

“Juventus doesn’t know how to play football, Allegri doesn’t give you anything when it comes to rebuilding, I’ve been saying this since September, the same goes for next year, unless Agnelli signs another 4 or 5 champions.”

Cassano adds that Allegri doesn’t care about anything or anyone expect for money. He believes that the Livorno native is happy to collect his paycheck, and he’s not afraid of being sacked because his contract would still guarantee him a major salary for the coming years.