It will be a big achievement if Allegri wins Serie A next season

June 20, 2021 - 11:38 am

Juventus experimented with new managers for two seasons and soon realised how much they missed Massimiliano Allegri.

The returning manager made it look so simple when he won five consecutive titles at Juventus in his first stint as their manager.

Let’s not forget that he also won four Italian Cups and reached the final of the Champions League on two occasions. That is consistent success that we all enjoyed thoroughly in the same way a winner enjoys Platin Live Casino Uk.

These achievements looked so easy on the eye when you consider that Juve had one of the strongest squads in Italy in those campaigns.

Antonio Conte had also set the tone for Juve’s dominance in the competition and we expected any manager that came after him to do the same.

When Maurizio Sarri replaced Allegri, we thought the former Chelsea boss would continue the tradition of dominance in Italian football and achieve even more.

He retained the Serie A title, to his credit. However, his team wasn’t so dominant. They lost the Coppa Italia final and were kicked out of the Champions League by Lyon.

Andrea Pirlo replaced Sarri for last season and the club continued its downward spiral and we nearly didn’t make the top four.

Looking back at the last two years that Allegri was away makes one appreciate him even more for the work he did at the club.

He returns to a team that is no longer so confident at dominating their opponents and will work with a squad that failed to beat Benevento in both league games last season.

He would be tasked with making the Bianconeri great again, but make no mistake, if he wins Serie A next season, it would be a tremendous achievement.

One reason is that Allegri is coming into a dressing room that is low on confidence.

If Cristiano Ronaldo stays, he would be forced to work with a small budget and with a top star he reportedly doesn’t exactly fancy.

It could be a tough season and we have to admit that the likes of Inter Milan and Atalanta have built teams capable of keeping Juve out of the top two.

I believe Allegri has what it takes to make us champions again, but the problems he has to fix to get this team firing again shouldn’t be underestimated.

He was in charge during the 2015/2016 season when Juve made a terrible start to the season. They were 10th on the league table after 11 matches.

However, his team turned it around and won the league at the end of the campaign.

They might make a good start to the 2021/2022 season, but that shouldn’t take away the fact that Allegri is heading into a Juventus side that has just been lucky to finish fourth in Serie A.

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    Martinn June 20, 2021 at 11:41 am

    I don’t know… if the mercato is good. Inzaghi is good but no conte. R will have a clash who can make players be understood. Even fans couldn’t see a solid system or identity with pirlo

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    Martinn June 20, 2021 at 11:42 am

    * we will have a coach *