Manuel Locatelli has earned praise for his performance in Juventus’ 2-0 loss to Monza despite not starting the game.

The midfielder was benched from the first half of the fixture and only came into the game in the second period.

Juve already conceded all the goals and the former Sassuolo man was a bright spark in the fixture for the Bianconeri even though he could not help to turn the situation around.

Il Bianconero curated how some Italian outlets praised the midfielder, with La Gazzetta dello Sport writing: “More than the best would be the least worst, but he is the only one who reflects before passing the ball. Beans would play better with him, if Massimiliano Allegri did not take him off the field”.

Corriere dello Sport added: “Near the goal with a big right, in general it does better than Paredes but it takes little”.

Juve FC Says

Locatelli has been a good buy since he moved to Turin and proved in that game that he is one player we can trust.

However, we need more goals and assists from him because it makes no sense to play well when we lose the fixture.

Everyone in our squad must start contributing to the important phases of the game now if we will reach our goals before this season ends.