Manuel Locatelli has reacted to Juventus’ season and admits it was a tough campaign for them as a team.

The midfielder was one of the Bianconeri’s key players in the last campaign as they struggled on and off the pitch.

It was far from an ideal season for them as a club and Locatelli struggled on an individual level as well.

The midfielder remains a key player for the Bianconeri and Max Allegri is happy to continue working with him, but he needs to perform better to meet the expectations fans had of him after his superb Euro 2020 campaign.

Speaking about his campaign, Locatelli wrote on Instagram:

“It’s over for me this season.

“It’s useless to deny it, it’s been a difficult year for many reasons. For months nothing was understood about our points, they took them away, gave them back and still took them away.

“In all of this, we are always united, always a positive word for our partner and always ready to suffer together. This is why I am very proud of our group. 

“We could and could have done more but I am aware that I have always given everything I had until the end.

“I thank those who have supported me at all times

“A hug. Always Forza Juve


Juve FC Says

Locatelli is being candid about how this season went for him and the rest of the team as he struggled to meet expectations on many levels.

However, the midfielder is talented and we can back him to get back to form in the next campaign.