Mino Raiola has delivered an update on the future of Paul Pogba and hints that the midfielder might return to Juventus, although he maintains that now isn’t the time to discuss his future.

Juve wants the midfielder back as he ends his contract at Manchester United.

Raiola can help them achieve that as his agent, but the Dutch-Italian isn’t giving away so much for now.

From January, Pogba can discuss with Juventus and his other suitors and he could even sign a pre-contract with another club.

Juve would want that to include them and Raiola says December is a time to dream, but he doesn’t want to give former Manchester United players turned pundits something to discuss.

He says, as quoted by Calciomercato: “Pogba at Juve? December is the month of dreams, and I can’t stop anyone from dreaming about it. But it’s better not to talk about him, it’s it’s still too early to talk about the contract. If some former Manchester United players don’t talk about me and Paul, I think they wouldn’t work anymore. “

Juve FC Says

It looks likely that Pogba would leave United, but it is not a guarantee that he would end up at Turin.

Being a free agent gives the midfielder the chance to join any club he wants. Would it be Juve?

When you are spoiled for choice as a free agent, the logical thing to do is to join the club that offers you the most money.

Almost everyone would understand that, can Juve make Pogba an offer that is better than Real Madrid and PSG’?