The journalist Ivan Zazzaroni was recently criticised for his stance on Angel di Maria and Paul Pogba after he called them football “cadavers” in reference to their persistent injuries.

Di Maria saw the funny side of his claims and reacted to the news online with laughing emojis.

Some fans have reacted more negatively to the claims, but Zazzaroni is grateful that the Argentinian did not take it too badly, judging by his response.

He has now clarified his comments and insists he believes the attacker has achieved a lot in his career and wasn’t trying to discredit him in any way.

He says via Tuttojuve: “I very much appreciated Angel Di Maria’s compound and witty reaction to the definition ‘half of the football corpse’ – which I attributed exclusively to him to underline the many absences for physical matters that are affecting his season. 

“I appreciated it and let it be known. I have never questioned the very high quality of the thirty-five year old world champion who, together with the other ‘football corpse’ Paul Pogba, he whole (always and only for reasons related to the very rare presences), it should have raised the level of this Juve, forced from August to today to accelerate the growth of many young people (an asset, moreover.)”

Juve FC Says

Di Maria has been one of our finest players and the criticism was harsh on the attacker.

However, we do not have to make too much out of it and after this clarification, we can now allow the issue to die a natural death.