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“I’ve never received such an offer” Del Piero discusses a return to Juventus

June 11, 2021 - 1:45 pm

Alessandro Del Piero spoke about Juventus recently and revealed that he has never received an offer to return to the club in an administrative capacity.

As a player, he was one of the Bianconeri’s best stars and he scored over 200 goals for them in roughly two decades at the club.

He has since retired and is now a pundit.

Juventus brought back Andrea Pirlo as their manager last season even though he lasted for just one campaign.

They might also offer a non-playing role to Giorgio Chiellini when he retires from the game.

Del Piero is another player whose history with the club deserves a return in an administrative capacity.

However, he says he is enjoying what he does now and has never received an offer from Juventus to return.

He also reiterated that he doesn’t want to be given a job at the club purely based on what he has done in the past. He would rather be considered for who he is now.

He told Il Corriere della Sera via Football Italia. “I’ve never received such an offer and I am happy with what I am doing now. I would not want to have a role just for what I did in the past. That will remain forever and nobody could ever change it. The same is true of my bond with Juventus.

“I want to be considered for who I am now and what I can give”

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