John Elkann has sent a message to Juventus’ shareholders over the club’s recent troubles and has revealed the reason the last board resigned.

Juve has struggled with several legal battles this season and they could face more.

They have already been punished with a 15 points deduction for their use of capital gains and the Bianconeri could suffer more when the Prisma investigation ends.

There was so much pressure on the last board, and they had to resign, but things haven’t improved.

The present board has spent most of their time putting out fires they did not start, yet Elkann insists the club has done nothing wrong.

He says via Football Italia in a message to the shareholders:

“It was the legal actions against the club that ended up occupying the company’s board of directors, which met 18 times during the year.

“The level of pressure has increased so much that the board of directors decided to resign in order to allow the club to protect itself in the most effective way against accusations ranging from alleged accounting irregularities to inaccurate communications to the financial markets relating mainly to the buying and selling of players and agreements on their salaries.

“Juventus denies any wrongdoing.”

Juve FC Says

This has been a turbulent season for us, but we are a big club, so we will survive.

We expect the fans to be on their best form in terms of supporting the players on the pitch and the least they can do is win more points for us.