Following Friday’s court ruling, fans and officials alike have risen to Juve’s defense. The club has been hit with a severe 15-point deduction in the Serie A standings with immediate effect, plunging the club down to a mid-table position.

Nonetheless, the club’s management is adamant on defending the black and white colors, and John Elkann is leading the charge.

The Italian businessman is the majority owner of the club, and is taking a firm stance on the matter. He believes that the ruling is unjust while insisting that Juventus isn’t the problem in Calcio, but rather a part of the solution.

“Juventus is the most loved and followed Italian team. It represents our national football,” said the patron in an interview with la Repubblica via Corriere dello Sport.

“The injustice of this sentence is evident. Many have pointed this out already, even those who aren’t Bianconeri supporters.

“We will firmly defend ourselves to protect the interests of Juventus fans and all those who love football.

“I hope that together with the other teams and the government, we can change football in our country and build a sustainable and ambitious future.

“Juventus aren’t the problem, but they are and will always be part of the solution. At the moment, the future of Serie A and of Italian football is at stake, which is becoming marginal and irrelevant.”

Elkann is the grandson and the main successor of the late Gianni Agnelli who passed away 20 years ago, on this very day.

He currently acts as the CEO and majority owner of EXOR, the holding company which owns the majority of the club’s shares.