Amidst all the chaos surrounding the club, Juventus players had to take the field last Sunday against a tough opponent in the form of Atalanta. Just 48 hours prior to the clash, a court ruling had deducted 15 points from the club’s tally in the Serie A standings with immediate effect.

Regardless of the legal arguments, the players undoubtedly suffered a great injustice, seeing a large number of points taken away after having to work hard to gain it on the pitch.

So according to Corriere di Torino via TuttoJuve, Juventus majority owner John Elkann visited the squad’s locker room prior to the clash against Atalanta.

The source says that the patron reassured the players, declaring the management’s intent to defend their rights. The report adds that some players were “disoriented” following the recent events, while others were “frightened”.

Juve FC say

In the coming days or weeks, the club’s lawyers will lodge an appeal to the Olympic committee, and we can only hope that they succeed in their attempts to lift this severe punishment.

But with all the turbulence surrounding the club (including additional trials and investigations), the players are rightfully terrified by the situation, and some comfort words from the owner are unlikely make any major difference.

Unless we begin to witness positive developments on a concrete level in the coming months, the mood at Continassa will rightfully remain sour.