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John Elkann rejects UEFA’s effort to strike a deal with Juventus over Super League

May 25, 2023 - 6:45 pm

Despite the potential consequences, Juventus remains unwavering in its support for the European Super League.

Alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid, the Bianconeri continue to stand firm in their commitment to the competition, even in the face of potential expulsion from the Champions League.

Both Juve and Barca have encountered legal difficulties throughout the current season. Juventus, in particular, faced a recent setback as they were docked 10 points due to their utilisation of capital gains. UEFA has the authority to impose further sanctions on the club.

However, reports indicate that UEFA has approached Juventus with a proposal. They have offered a reduced punishment if Juventus withdraws its support for the Super League before the conclusion of UEFA’s investigations next month.

Nevertheless, Tuttomercatoweb reveals that John Elkann, the Chairman of Juventus, rejected this offer and maintains the club’s unwavering commitment to the Super League, regardless of the potential consequences.

As a result of this resolute stance, Juventus anticipates further challenges, but the club remains confident that it will eventually overcome the obstacles it currently faces.

Juve FC Says

We have had one of the toughest years of our modern existence and are still standing.

Tough times are ahead, but the club has dealt with even more severe times than this and we expect to come out of this with our heads held high.

The support for the Super League is for a good cause in the long term and it is wise for us to maintain it.

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