The CEO of Exor, John Elkann, agrees with Andrea Agnelli on the European Super League as he speaks on the power of the English Premier League.

Agnelli is a leading protagonist of the Super League and because of him, Juventus continues to support the breakaway competition as it fights against UEFA.

They want to form their own Champions League and believe it is an idea that is valid and will help other European clubs compete better with England’s top flight.

Agnelli ran into trouble as the president of Juventus and resigned alongside his board, but it doesn’t seem Juve will drop their support for the Super League.

Speaking on the idea recently, ELkann said via Calciomercato:

 “The effects of this dominance are seen in the transfer market, which in turn is able to play a key role in the success of clubs: in the summer window of 2022, the gross expenditure of transfers in the Premier League was equal to the total expenditure of Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 put together, and this situation continued in the winter window, with Chelsea alone spending more than the total amount of all the clubs in these four leagues. 

“Football is still in transition to a completely professional industry: it still lacks clarity as a whole, which is creating financial and regulatory tensions”. 

Juve FC Says

The club’s leaders are experienced in football matters, including finances and how different leagues compare.

We expect them to make the best decision and support them on the issue of the Super League and we believe it will be best for the club.