Journalist Tony Damascelli has voiced his disappointment with Leonardo Bonucci’s behaviour during his ongoing dispute with Juventus. The defender is currently involved in a legal battle against the club.

Bonucci had been a part of Juventus for a decade and had served as the club’s captain before departing. However, his effectiveness on the pitch had diminished in the last campaign, leading the club to make the decision to part ways with him.

Bonucci, unhappy with how the club handled his departure, has been fighting to obtain compensation. In a recent statement, he defended his decision to continue his legal battle against the club, citing feelings of humiliation over the way he was asked to leave the team.

This ongoing battle has puzzled many of the club’s supporters, and Damascelli suggests that Bonucci’s actions make it appear as if he is currently unemployed.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Bonucci is proving to be a human, ridiculous case. Juventus gave him the chance for 13 years to confirm himself, to grow, to become captain. It also gave him the possibility of “a change of scenery” quoting him verbatim, going to Milan and becoming captain as requested by him in writing.

“He should think back to his career in Turin and the opportunities he was given, above all he should also think about situations similar to his that were treated in the same way and the fact that he is not currently unemployed. He will not play for free in an important club, in an important championship and will play in the Champions League.”

Juve FC Says

Bonucci is making a mess of his reputation, not just at Juventus, because other clubs would be worried about signing him now.

He shows he is troublesome and might lose the case against the club, which will be a further blow.