Cristiano Giuntoli played a pivotal role in securing a midfielder for Juventus just before the closure of the recent transfer window, defying initial expectations that the Bianconeri would remain inactive in the late stages of the market.

The necessity for a new midfielder for Juventus became evident during the first half of the season, particularly after the unavailability of Paul Pogba and Nicolo Fagioli for the remainder of the term.

While the club had been linked with various players, the prospect of signing a midfielder seemed to wane as January approached. Ultimately, the Bianconeri bolstered their defensive ranks by acquiring Tiago Djalo.

Despite Cristiano Giuntoli’s earlier confirmation that no further signings were imminent, the unexpected addition of Carlos Alcaraz on loan from Southampton materialised. Journalist Luca Marchetti has elucidated the reasons behind this acquisition, deeming it a commendable piece of business for Juventus.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Giuntoli has seized an opportunity, with the Argentine arriving in Italy for a short time less than 4 million to which to add any bonuses, a figure which in fact also includes the gross salary, which will therefore technically be paid by Southampton. The right of redemption is 49.5 million, but rather than a defined figure it is a matter of an indication for the price, it will all depend on how and how much the midfielder will have an impact on the Bianconeri’s championship, it will be discussed in June.”

Juve FC Sayys

Giuntoli has had a good time as our sporting director and we expect him to continue doing a good job at the club for the rest of his contract.