Juventus’ recent poor run of form has garnered attention for all the wrong reasons.

The Bianconeri initially raised their fans’ hopes with promising performances that hinted at a potential league title win.

However, as time progressed, it became evident that their earlier success was merely a brief period of overachievement, as Juventus now find themselves no longer among the top two spots in Serie A.

This downturn has been particularly challenging for their manager, Max Allegri, who has faced significant criticism, despite having received limited reinforcements during the current season.

Adding to the pressure, Cristiano Giuntoli joined the club in the summer as its latest sporting director. However, his tenure has been marked more by player departures than significant additions to the squad.

Journalist Tony Damascelli has watched as things unravel at the club and said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Juventus today is this, with Giuntoli who is caught in the middle because he cannot intervene because first of all they lack the money and then they wait for the ownership to show up, but the ownership at the moment has high concerns between a drone and the something else and it is a situation that reiterates what I have been supporting for years. The history of Juventus, like the history of the reference factory, is over. It is an important team that gets results, that will win from time to time, that will lose from time to time, but it no longer has the identity and characteristics that we have known for a century.” 

Juve FC Says

It has been a tough few months for us as a club, and we can understand every criticism we are facing.

But even without making many new signings, we have enough quality players to do better than what our current form is producing.