The Italian journalist Michele Crisciello says Juventus could go through a season with young players under Maurizio Sarri, but they have to invest in top experienced stars under Max Allegri.

Both coaches are some of the finest hands in Italian football, and they have won the Serie A title for Juve, although Allegri has won more.

Sarri replaced the current gaffer on the club’s bench in 2019. However, he lasted for only a season before they let him go.

Andrea Pirlo was named his replacement, but Allegri replaced the former midfielder after just one season.

The current Bianconeri manager is regularly criticised for not giving chances to young players, and his recruitment in this transfer window has reinforced that idea.

Crisciello insists he simply needs top experienced players to work with.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve: “Juve are working well. Cherubini, after a slow month of June, fired the right shots. Juve is growing well and Allegri needed this market. The strong youngsters did well in Sarri but if you have Allegri you have to collect champions. Juve’s philosophy has changed but now it’s the right one.”

Juve FC Says

Every manager has their preference, and it is only smart to stick with what works for you.

Having won Serie A titles in different seasons, Allegri’s preference for experienced players is justified.

As long as he keeps winning, we must trust his judgement and believe in his decision-making.