This season has posed significant challenges for everyone associated with Juventus, and the club urgently requires a swift transformation to reclaim its position as the top club in Serie A.

Juventus has been dominant in the Italian top flight for several seasons, consistently delivering top-notch performances when things align favourably.

However, these favourable occasions have been scarce in recent months, derailing their aspirations of clinching the Serie A title again this term.

Most Bianconeri supporters point fingers at the manager, as Max Allegri struggles to inspire his team to play attractive football and secure victories.

The gaffer is determined to catalyze a turnaround in their performance, but it appears too late for him to salvage his job at this point.

Juventus will likely seek a replacement for him at the end of this season, with several potential candidates already being considered.

Nevertheless, journalist Antonio Barillà has highlighted that while things might not be ideal, Allegri has navigated through challenging circumstances and contributed to the club’s financial stability.

The journalist said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“It is inevitable to talk about Allegri and his future: “The topic is delicate and has now created a clear division as if there were two parties: the pros and the anti. I, however, prefer to talk about it very calmly. The coach from Livorno can be criticized, but he is taking the boat where he was asked to go in terms of objectives. Some situations must be taken into account: a poor market in which only Weah arrived, the cut in wages, the loss of Fagioli and Pogba through no fault of his own. It should not be forgotten that the club has saved a lot of money, even if the fans don’t care about this.”

Juve FC Says

We are one of the biggest clubs in Europe, so it is not enough to save money. We have to win trophies.

But truly, the conditions Allegri has had to work under could have been just as tough for another gaffer to manage.