Juventus has been deducted 15 points as a punishment for using capital gains, but more problems could be coming for the black and whites because they are also the subject of a Prisma investigation.

This means they could lose more points or even be relegated from the Italian top flight.

The prospect of that happening is tough for the Bianconeri fans to take and now a journalist has explained how the club could make the judges give them a lenient punishment.

Graziano Campi said via Calciomercato.it:

“Juve is ready to admit that it made a mistake in good faith in the accounting records, which does not mean willful admission of guilt.

“They can get away with a fine and a maximum of 1 or 2 penalty points.”

Juve FC Says

The Prisma investigation is scaring Juventus fans and it should, considering how the Bianconeri have already suffered in the past from some punishments.

However, if the club has done nothing wrong, then fans shouldn’t be worried; that is what the leaders have told us.

Instead of fearing for the worst with the Prisma case, we should be confident that the 15-point deduction would even be overturned.

The case also seems to affect our players on the pitch and they must get over it and focus on their job.