It has undeniably been a challenging season for Juventus, and the Bianconeri would likely wish for its conclusion, especially as they find themselves currently placed within the top four of Serie A.

Under Max Allegri’s guidance, Juventus has experienced two contrasting phases this campaign. They initially topped the standings at the halfway mark, but have since struggled to maintain momentum and secure a top-four finish.

While the Bianconeri remain hopeful of securing a return to the Champions League by the season’s end, their current form leaves much to be desired.

Currently trailing behind Inter Milan and AC Milan in the league table, Juventus may also lag in terms of squad quality, presenting a significant hurdle in their pursuit of reclaiming the top spot, a position their fans have grown accustomed to.

To regain their status as the league’s dominant force, Juventus will undoubtedly need to implement numerous improvements, and it’s anticipated that these efforts will commence at the conclusion of the season.

Speaking about the Bianconeri recently, Massimo Pavan said, as quoted by Tuttojuve: “Juve must compete in the championship for a very simple reason, the first comes the security of the champions, to date Juventus is at a disadvantage compared to Milan and Inter and this is a problem, the Bianconeri want to continue fighting , at least on par and not fall behind”.

Juve FC Says

We have to stay competitive in every campaign, and that requires a lot of work before the term begins, so this summer is key to how we will perform next term.