Journalist Massimo Pavan has highlighted the significance of today’s match for Juventus as they prepare to face Lazio in Serie A.

Despite Juventus making a positive start to the season with two wins from three games, Lazio is expected to be their most formidable adversary thus far. The Black and Whites have been diligently striving to overcome the recent negativity surrounding the club.

Over the past few weeks, Juventus has been marred by a flurry of negative news, and failing to secure a victory in today’s match would only contribute to the prevailing negative narrative. This is undoubtedly an unfavourable position for the club, and Pavan emphasises the importance of the team tuning out the noise and securing a win to shift the narrative in a positive direction.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“I believe that today’s match matters a lot, a positive result would greatly change the team’s belief. Some media are mounting attacks against Juve to turn fans against the team and the club, to create rifts, we are used to it, Let’s not look at what they do outside, it’s the usual embarrassing attempts of the anti-Juventus fans.”

Juve FC Says

Lazio is the toughest opponent we will face in the league in the opening weeks and we need to win to send a message that we mean business.

We expect the boys to know the importance of the match and go about their business with seriousness.