Journalist Paolo De Paola strongly argues that Juventus requires a complete overhaul, and this transformation cannot be achieved with Max Allegri at the helm.

Since Allegri’s return to the club last season, the Bianconeri have experienced a decline and have failed to secure any trophies in the past two campaigns.

This lack of success raises doubts about the manager’s capability to reverse the situation, and many individuals believe that significant changes are necessary for the club.

De Paola aligns himself with this viewpoint, asserting that Allegri’s departure is imperative because, in his assessment, the manager has not made a positive impact on the club.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“You have to start with a new coach. Allegri’s last two years have been a failure, nothing has been built and older players have been taken, as well as leaving players like Vlahovic left at the mercy of themselves. He must leave and Allegri is not suitable for this job”.

Juve FC Says

Allegri returned as one of the finest managers in Europe, but the gaffer’s time at the helm has been poor, and we expected more from him.

However, after two seasons, there is no point in continuing to expect good things from him. Instead, we should find a new manager for his role.

Several managers around the continent will bring the best from our big-money signings if we appoint them.