Juventus is actively exploring options to offload Dusan Vlahovic, as they seek to secure Romelu Lukaku as a potential replacement. The Serbian striker has faced challenges in making an impact since his move from Fiorentina to Juventus, and his performances have left much to be desired.

The club’s optimism about Lukaku’s potential contribution has motivated their intention to replace Vlahovic with the Chelsea striker. As part of this strategic shift, Juventus aims to secure a favourable deal for Vlahovic while pursuing the acquisition of Lukaku.

Despite their determination to proceed with this transfer strategy, Juventus continues to value Vlahovic at an ambitious 80 million euros. This valuation has raised concerns among observers, given Vlahovic’s underwhelming performance since joining the club.

Marcello Chirico, a journalist, has weighed in on the matter, asserting that Vlahovic is being overrated at the given asking price. The disparity between the valuation and his on-field output is a subject of scrutiny, as it calls into question the justification for such a significant figure.

He writes in Il Bianconero:

“However, they should also wonder why their Serbian darling has so few requests , despite being only 23 years old and a potentially brilliant career ahead. The answer is easy: no European club, and least of all Italian, evaluates the price requested by Juventus. That is, at least 80 million, considered too many for everyone. 

“For a footballer who will also be young and a Serbian international, but who hasn’t scored with the regularity and frequency he had at Fiorentina for a year and a half (where he also became top scorer in Serie A) and, moreover, also afflicted by a very annoying pubalgia that has been affecting its performance for too long.”

Juve FC Says

DV9 remains a fine player, with most of us convinced that he is struggling at Juve now because of how the team plays.

If he joins another club that plays a more attacking style, he will probably perform better than he is doing at the moment.