Italian journalist, Guido Vaciago has praised Massimiliano Allegri for continuing to make Juventus a pragmatic team despite the criticism he always faces.

The returning manager has seen his side hit top form in recent games, beating both Chelsea and Torino 1-0 in their last two matches.

They have not played the best of football, but the wins have helped them to recover from their early season poor form.

Allegri is no stranger to criticism, but he inherited a Juve side that was struggling with poor form and they almost didn’t make the top four last season, yet his current work in getting them back to the top isn’t being appreciated enough because of his tactics.

Vaciago argues that critics might not love to watch his Juventus play, however, his pragmatism is a virtue and evidence shows that it always gets the job done.

He praised Allegri for not complaining about losing key players and still getting a result from the same poor squad from last season.

He told Tuttosport as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb: “Allegri pragmatic, criticism does not appreciate. But it is a virtue”, writes the newspaper. Max is a pragmatist and not a theorist. And it shouldn’t be a fault but an advantage. 

“He made a virtue out of necessity without complaining about important absences but trying to find solutions in a difficult moment: 

“Some critics don’t appreciate it. But, on the other hand, since football has talked so much about aesthetics everything has become subjective. However, the results are always objective. 

“Trying stubbornly to cook a magret de canard with the ingredients of a carbonara (and then complaining that they weren’t the right ones) is not idealism, but stupidity. And then the carbonara is very good “.