The journalist Ivan Zazzaroni believes the top Italian clubs like Juventus are struggling because they are not given enough time for their projects to develop well.

The Bianconeri are having a tough season, and the team has performed badly since Max Allegri returned to its bench last season.

The gaffer is under pressure to resign, but the club brought him back for a rebuilding job, which often takes time.

There is a lack of understanding about how long a transitional period could take, and Zazzaroni believes at the highest level, we expect clubs to rebuild fast.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb

“Clubs like Juve, Milan and Inter are forced – due to their nobility, turnover and widespread needs – to face many more difficulties than others: they are not given the time to develop a project that does not provide for alignment with the result.”

Juve FC Says

It has been a while that we won trophies convincingly, and a generation of the club’s fans only knew about winning gongs every season.

You cannot blame them for demanding the same from this team, but we must give it time to get better.

If we do not do a good job, we will keep rebuilding it for a long time.