Juventus has undoubtedly made a terrible start to this season and needs to make changes.

There are over 20 more league matches to go, but a poor start could leave a club points behind their rivals and the gap might become too much for them to close.

Is Juve in that position yet? There is a firm belief that Massimiliano Allegri might turn this season around. After all, he has done that before.

The Italian journalist, Enzo Bucchioni, spoke about the Bianconeri season and says they have realised their mistakes from the start of the season and are now working to get it sorted.

He said as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb: “Juventus does not give up and there is a recovery plan ready for January. The club has realized the mistakes made in the last market sessions, in the programming and in the choice of players. 

“The responsibilities, of course, also and above all go to the management who changed three coaches in two years by providing a staff not from Juventus. 

“The distance from the top of the championship (fourteen points) already enormous after twelve games also brings into play Allegri’s work and makes everyone believe that the championship is now unattainable, but the watchword is one and only one: try to put in sixth the season in the league and remain even more competitive in the Champions League after a good lap.”

Juve FC Say

Juve started this season unrealistically confident considering that they had changed managers and had lost their key man – Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Bianconeri have now learnt the lesson from poor planning and the second half of the campaign gives them the chance to make corrections.

The January transfer window is a good time to add players to the squad and they can also offload some of the current deadwoods in it.

Do they need to sign new players to get better? Maybe not, but things have to change from how they are now, including the mindset of the squad.