Leonardo Bonucci recently spoke about a lack of experience being a problem at Juventus following their poor season.

The defender suggested that when playing without experienced players, the team suffers, even though he believes young players provide a platform to build something.

That claim reportedly sparked a debate on social media, according to Football Italia.

The report then covered Il Corriere dello Sport journalist Roberto Perrone response to the defender’s comments on the issue.

He said: ‘Everyone talks about the youths, but they are never allowed to talk. What would they say, for example, about Bonucci’s claims? We’ll never know because none of them will be given a chance to reply.

‘We mention young players only when our movement suffers huge blows, like the second consecutive elimination from the World Cup, blaming Mancio [Roberto Mancini] for not deploying them in place of a tired (?) old guard.

‘We cry over the state of youth sectors, but then we defend the growth decree, which allows buying players from abroad, especially foreign ones.’

Juve FC Says

Creating balance is an important job a manager should do if his team must succeed.

There is almost no club that has just a team of experienced players or exclusively young players that succeed.

However, when a team relies too much on its experienced heads, it is hard to see the youngsters in their squad grow.

Max Allegri has been handing chances to many young players at Juve. If they keep growing, the club will have a well-balanced squad.