Juventus maintained a title challenge until just a few weeks ago, but now find themselves outside the top two in the league.

The Bianconeri started 2024 impressively, spending some days at the top of the Serie A standings under the management of Max Allegri. This resurgence surprised fans who had initially set lower expectations for the team this season. During the weeks when Juventus led the standings, it appeared that they could genuinely contend for the title in the summer.

However, the team encountered a challenging period and has struggled to regain momentum since then. The initial optimism has given way to a more complex and competitive Serie A landscape.

Journalist Gianni Balzarini was speaking about their drop in form and said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“A trend not typical of Juve. The team has completely lost its bearings after keeping it in excellent direction until the match against Empoli. There are two facts. The home draw against the Tuscans that arose from Milik’s expulsion, but it’s not the Polish player’s fault, “I want to clarify that. It can happen. The responsibilities lie with an entire team which, outnumbered, handed itself over completely to the opponent. From the lead onwards, the countdown started for the opponents to draw, it was clear that it was in the air. Then the other train in Juve’s face is the defeat at San Siro. This was also clear from Danilo’s interview. The Juventus captain said that that match was tough because they thought they could fight for the scudetto, but that wasn’t the case. However, this should not be a justification.”

Juve FC Says

Those games were really key for us and as soon as we lost to Inter Milan it seemed like our players suffered a serious psychological blow in the title race.

We have to find a way to win consistently again, as that is the only way we can stay inside the top four.

The teams below us now are hungry to play in the Champions League, so if we don’t gain more points ahead of them, we could be in trouble.