Journalist Paolo De Paola believes UEFA is quick to sanction Juventus because its president Alexander Ceferin is keen to hang on to power and continue its grip on football on the continent.

Juve is one of the biggest European football clubs and has been a member of the governing body for much of its existence.

But the Bianconeri are a founding member of the European Super League, which effectively seeks to replace or at least compete against the famous Champions League.

Speaking on the Bianconeri and their recent legal troubles, De Paola said via Tuttojuve:

“Ceferin’s haste to punish Juventus only betrays nervousness. The head of UEFA is irritated by the idea of losing power and seeing the organization he directs dismantled because of those who continue to believe in an alternative project. The Superalloy ( is revised and corrected ) is not buried at all. If the shoulders of sports justice against Juventus and Barcelona do not produce results, we will still see some good ones because the big clubs do not want to give up an eight hundred million cake.”

Juve FC Says

We remain one of the world’s biggest clubs, and UEFA knows it cannot lose us.

This is why it is fighting hard to ensure the Super League does not succeed.

If it does and Juve pulls out of UEFA, it can take other top clubs along with it to create the new competition.