Journalist Tony Damascelli is unimpressed with Andrea Agnelli’s letter after he resigned from the Juventus’ board and as its president yesterday to the shock of many fans.

The Bianconeri have been fighting so many legal battles recently and the current false accounting case has forced the board to resign and allow a new group to lead the club forward.

Agnelli’s tenure as president may not have ended how he would have liked, but the administrator remains one of the best the club has had, and we will always remember his trophy-laden spell.

When he resigned, he penned an open letter to the club’s fans and everyone who cared about the organisation.

However, Damascelli was unimpressed with some of its content and said via Tuttojuve:

“A childish letter from a certain point of view. It says ‘compactness has ceased’. The question is simple: it has failed either by some auditors, or by Marilungo who resigned yesterday or by his cousin, who said “you have to save the salvable.”

Juve FC Says

Agnelli’s time at the club was a resounding success, even though the final seasons did not go to plan and the club is still experiencing some financial troubles.

Not everyone will understand his position at the moment and we expect only Juve fans to appreciate his work, which is the most important thing.