Max Allegri has been told his excuse about Juventus’ players being very tired in their match against Atletico Madrid makes no sense.

The Bianconeri had been on a tour of the United States of America, but they returned almost a week before they faced the Spaniards.

The game was played at their training ground after it was moved from the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

Atleti left an impression on Juve with an impressive 4-0 win, with Alvaro Morata netting a hat-trick.

The Spaniards had flown from their country to Italy for the fixture, yet they emerged victorious and Allegri said his players were tired.

It made little sense to the Italian journalist Marcello Chirico, and he writes in his column on Calciomercato:

“Come on Max, drop her there with the white lies told to please society. Because, in a flash of objectivity, you too had to admit that after a humiliating 0-4 at home, albeit in a training match, “there can be no extenuating circumstances”. 

“So, please, forget this story of tiredness after the tour in the USA, because as an excuse it does not hold: the team returned to Turin last Monday and against Atletico Madrid it was played on Sunday evening. In 6 days the jet-lag is recovered very well, and the fatigue is disposed of.”

Juve FC Says

In this campaign, the media and Juventus’ fans will not tolerate excuses.

What the players need to do is work hard and earn the results the team needs to win trophies.

We endured mediocre performances last season, but we will not accept them this term.