Juventus just fired Max Allegri, but journalist Ivan Zazzaroni insists it was a relationship between two incompatible parties.

Allegri’s second tenure at the Allianz Stadium has not been as successful as he and the club had hoped.

The Bianconeri were optimistic that their team would improve when they brought Allegri back as their manager.

While he was successful in his first spell, his second tenure never got off to a good start, and Zazzaroni believes Allegri knew things were not going as they should.

Allegri should have quit at that time, but he wanted to remain and prove that he could turn the situation around.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“From the very first moment, eighteen months ago, Max understood that he had little in common with this Juve; world had suddenly changed on him, and in a traumatic way; he, stubborn, lazy and naive – yes, naive – as he is, tried to adapt to something and someone who probably rejected him because he had other ideas, other objectives (in first of all economic sustainability, the accounts in order), another story and other methods: they were two incompatible entities like the bolt and the screwdriver.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri is a manager who rarely complains and that may have been his undoing during his spell on our bench.

The gaffer will get another job in Serie A soon and we expect him to take some lessons from this second spell to his next role.