Juventus fans are adjusting their expectations for the remainder of this season following their team’s dramatic decline from being the league leaders less than two months ago to now occupying the third position.

From the outset of the season, Juventus has maintained that their primary objective is to secure a top-four finish.

While this goal remains within reach, it necessitates a swift return to form for the team.

Currently, Juventus is grappling with a loss of momentum and struggles to secure victories. The international break provides an opportunity for the team to regroup, strategise, and return to the pitch in improved form.

Fans are hopeful that Juventus will, at the very least, secure a place in the Champions League. However, journalist Luca Marchegiani warns that there is a risk of the team finishing the season in a worse state if they fail to address their current challenges.

He said, as quoted by Tuttosport:

“Allegri’s nervousness is very conditioned by this crisis of results. At a certain point in the season he was rightly convinced that he was almost on the verge of achieving a miracle, because playing point to point with Inter was truly a miracle in my opinion. Now his feat is being dismantled: he risks having a season that is even a little less than normal.”

Juve FC Says

We have to start winning matches again as soon as possible otherwise we will be in big trouble.

The team has the quality to get back to form, but time is of the essence, and a positive return to form must start now.