Max Allegri has become the scapegoat for Juventus’ critics this season, as many believe that things will improve if the manager leaves the club.

Juventus has struggled for form over the last few weeks, dropping from being title contenders to also-rans.

Some supporters, who had higher expectations for the team, have not taken this decline well.

They believe the team is strong enough to perform better, but Allegri’s management style is holding them back.

However, journalist Ivan Zazzaroni disagrees with this sentiment and believes Allegri inherited a team that was already in poor shape.

He argues that the manager deserves more respect and has been unfairly targeted, considering the condition of the club when he arrived.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“For at least two and a half years, Max has been at the center of an intolerable defamation campaign, of pure bad faith because it derives from personal antipathies. It is fair to say that Juve is playing badly, just as it is right to speak of a failure compared to last year’s Champions League. However, anyone who does not consider the context in which Allegri has worked since his return to Turin and goes further, accusing him of every technical atrocity, has something wrong. The important thing for some people is to throw shit at him.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri has his problems, but blaming him alone for Juve’s trouble alone does not make sense.

The players have to accept some responsibilities as well for their actions and begin to do better on the pitch when they represent this club.