In the match against AC Milan yesterday, Juventus brought in Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa as substitutes, with the expectation that both players would contribute to improving the score.

Max Allegri’s team managed to secure a 1-0 victory, a crucial result for a team striving to secure a top-four finish. However, considering that Chiesa and Vlahovic are the club’s leading scorers in the league this season, there was a sense that Juventus could have capitalised on more scoring opportunities, especially after their introduction.

Interestingly, after their substitutions, the Bianconeri appeared to adopt a more defensive approach to the game. Instead of actively seeking to extend their lead, Allegri seemed more focused on preserving their one-goal advantage, which meant that Chiesa and Vlahovic had to contribute defensively as well.

This did not go down well with Paolo De Paola, and the journalist said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“We need to be pragmatic, for Juve this is a very important victory because it allows the team to remain close to the top and It instils confidence. 

“Having said that, I think what Allegri did yesterday was a clown , you can’t put Chiesa and Vlahovic on the field and expect the team not to attack, with the two of them it’s clear that they’re looking to double their lead, this short-faced mentality must absolutely be changed , also because the Juventus squad is the highest paid in Serie A as is its coach, I would say that it would be reasonable to expect something better.”

Juve FC Says

Our game against AC Milan was a must-win match and it did not matter what the score was as long as we ended on the winning side.

Our players can be proud of their performance, which should spur them on to win more games.