Juventus finds itself divided regarding Max Allegri’s future. Some supporters attribute the team’s poor performance to inadequate squad quality, while others believe better results are achievable.

As the team’s leader, Allegri bears the responsibility of ensuring a strong performance this season. However, he has thus far fallen short of expectations. Given Juventus’ stature, there is no room for ambiguity: Allegri’s tenure can be deemed a failure.

Being Italy’s premier club, Juventus is synonymous with success, making it imperative for the manager to deliver. Allegri’s inability to bring success back to the team has left many feeling he must depart.

Journalist Riccardo Trevisani has pointed out that even Andrea Pirlo, who won two trophies and secured a top-four finish, was dismissed and replaced by Allegri. This serves as a stark reminder of the high standards expected at Juventus.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve: “How can we talk about success if we reach the top four positions? Juventus has finished in the top four all our lives, is it necessary to give 9 million to Allegri? It can’t go well like this. Pirlo, who he finished fourth and won two trophies, he was launched into space because for Juve it’s not enough to finish fourth and win two minor trophies. You can finish fourth and win the Champions League, and then I’ll keep you, but otherwise, no.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri knows he has failed in this spell at the club, and there is no point in staying on as our manager, so he will understand when he is booted out in the summer.