Juan Cuadrado: ‘Juventus dream big’

September 16, 2017

Juan Cuadrado insists Juventus are improving as a team and that club “always dream big.”

The Colombian winger was suspended for Juve’s 3-0 loss to Barcelona in the Champions League, a competition they remain outside favourites to win with most bookmakers with prices as high as 11/1.

“I’ve worked very well in the past two weeks,” he told Sky.

“Cleary when you start you won’t find your best condition immediately, but now all of us are achieving very good levels, working at the maximum and with determination.

“We certainly know that there are things to improve, and we’re committed to doing that, both in the defensive phase and on the ball.

“Allegri’s advice is useful for achieving our goal, which is to be the team we’ve always been.

“We must always strive for the maximum, give everything, take advantage of opportunities when they’re presented and always stay on it.

“The formation counts up to a certain point, but what makes the difference is the desire to sacrifice, that’s our strength.

“We don’t put a ceiling on our best, we always dream big.

Dybala? Paulo has everything to become even stronger. Among other things we’re thinking of a new celebration we can do together.

“Maybe a ballet, even though he’s shy when dancing…”

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