Today is THE day for Juventus.

After getting slapped with a 15-point deduction with immediate effect, the Bianconeri lodged an appeal at the Italian Olympic committee, and the final verdict is expected today.

Five judges will review the Capital Gains case before handing their decision, and La Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Elisabetta Esposito explains the three possible scenarios that could ensue.

The first is what all Juventus fans are hoping for: The acceptance of the appeal and the cancelation of the penalty. However, the source points out an important fact. The ruling committee can only review the procedural norms, therefore, the club must prove that the court of appeal (who delivered the verdict) had violated important trial procedures.

The second scenario would be a major blow for the Bianconeri: the rejection of the appeal and the confirmation of the 15-point penalty. This would be the end of the road in the sporting trial.

Finally, the third hypothesis lies somewhere in the middle. The Olympic committee can send the file back to the court of appeal to review the case while asking for a modified sentence (AKA fewer deducted points).

This trial is related to alleged capital gains that the clubs registered by inflating players’ values in their transfer dealings.

While Juventus – and all other defendants – were initially acquitted, the emergence of “new evidence” in the Prisma investigation (related to salary maneuvers) allowed the public prosecutor to reopen the case, with the Bianconeri solely targeted.