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Juve Could Be Affected by Viacom 18’s Latest Serie A TV Rights Deal

October 23, 2021 - 6:58 pm

Viacom 18 announced in August that it has secured the TV rights for the Italian Serie A broadcasts on their channels. Since the beginning of the 2021/22 season, all of Serie A’s subcontinent fixtures have been shown on their TV channel as well as the OTT platform. This will continue for the next three years. Viacom 18’s Chief Operating Officer, Gourav Rakshit, was quoted as saying that: “the Italian Serie A is one of the most exciting & competitive leagues in Europe and we are excited to bring it to our viewers.” However, it isn’t only the viewers that will benefit.  

Exposure for Juventus’ Brand  

As the biggest name in Italian football, Juventus is the club that stands to benefit the most from the new deal. It’s not just about revenues, even though the money from TV rights does enable Europe’s top teams to dominate the sport. It’s about exposure. Traditionally, India isn’t a hotbed of Italian football fans. But the English Premier League, and therefore, EPL clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United are well supported in India. With more viewers expected to tune in to the league, the relationship between Indian football supporters and the Serie A will strengthen.  

As a result, greater engagement between Juventus and Indian audiences could well occur. After all, former Italian star Alessandro Del Piero’s signing was enough to boost Juve shirt sales in Delhi in 2014. Of course, there is also the betting link between popular football clubs and TV audiences. This is especially powerful in India since the best betting sites in India have access to some of the most passionate football fans, which is why the main football sportsbooks are available. Simply put, as more people in the country watch Juventus regularly, the amount of money spent on merchandise and gambling will rise and, in turn, so will the level of exposure to new audiences.  

The Need to Secure a World-Class Signature  

The flip side of the coin is that Indian audiences want to watch the best footballers. This is partly why hundreds of thousands of people tune in to watch a single game, even if it isn’t the most appealing. For instance, Liverpool versus Sheffield United in 2020 captured an audience of 140,000. Unfortunately for Serie A and Juventus, the league’s most marketable man has left for the EPL. Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer an Italian asset, which could have repercussions in regions where the division isn’t instilled in the culture.  

Juve knows that India is one of these places. Seeing as the potential advantages of the new TV deal are huge, it may mean that a major signing will happen sooner rather than later. Every contract has pros and cons. Juventus supporters will need to wait 36 months before they can decide whether the former outweigh the latter. 

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