Arrigo Sacchi has slammed Juventus’ players for the way they try to influence the referee in games.

Juve’s game against Inter Milan at the weekend was overshadowed by controversy as the Bianconeri looked to earn all the points.

There were three penalties and two red cards in the encounter and Juve successfully got all the points against their opponents.

One other habit that Juve players exhibited in the game was surrounding the referee often to try to influence his decision making.

Sachi says that act is both disrespectful and unprofessional.

The former manager claimed that when the Italian players go to international competitions, they exhibit the same habit which is permitted in Serie A, but they get sent off by the other referees.

Sachi told Gazzetta via Calciomercato: “But can I add something that is close to my heart? Juve players must stop surrounding the referee. It is unprofessional and very rude behaviour. 

“Then it happens that we go to play abroad and, when we do that, we get the red card. We try to be polite in gestures and reactions. Education is the basis of sport.”

Juve will need to be on their best behaviour and calm when they take on Bologna in their last game of the season.