Where to start? Perhaps at the beginning would be as good a place as any. 2002 and Juventus have just won the Serie A title on the final day of the season and a promise that i made myself now has to be fulfilled. There are many other Juventus fan sites, plenty with great content and writers, but that doesn’t deter me. In fact, it only spurs me on. The promise was that if Juventus manage to clinch the title on the final day, a seemingly difficult task, I would design and create a website to cater for English speaking Juventus supporters. That was 2002. Fast forward and it’s 16 years later, times have changed, media has evolved, but my love for Juve is unwavering.

In the preceding years, the love only gets stronger, especially when the club are demoted to Serie B and no one is visiting the website any more. It only makes me more determined to keep going. To keep covering Juve, the news stories, the matches, the highs and lows, until we return to the very top.

It’s been 7 years since we returned to the pinnacle of Serie A – the site has continued to exist through my own personal labours. A stubbornness and resilience has made me continue to keep things going all these years later, entirely at personal expense, be it time or financial input. However, it’s time to evolve and do thing differently

I could continue funding the site, continue sharing news and articles through Twitter and other social media channels, but all of it comes at personal cost. At this stage, as much as i am reluctant to ask, I wanted to reach out and see if people were prepared to help. What I am looking for is funding to help branch out and also to ensure the existence of the site for years to come. Specifically:

– I want to secure hosting and domain costs for the next 5 years
– I want to start recording a regular podcast for Juventini that will be available on a fortnightly basis
– I want to redesign the site to make it more mobile friendly.

For 17 years, this has been a labour of absolute love. There’s be no other reason to continue – no big advertising payoff. No wealthy benefactor. Just me, a computer and this endless love fora team from Turin.

If you are able to help in any way at all, I would be eternally grateful – Any donation of any shape or size will help me keep things going for the foreseeable future, to scale back on unwanted advertising and sponsored posts, to essentially make the site as it was always intended: A place to read and discuss the latest Juventus news.

The link to donate is here: https://www.gofundme.com/juvefccom