Juventus remains hopeful they will get their 15-point deduction overturned when they appeal the FIGC’s decision in court.

The Bianconeri were shocked after the capital gains case was reopened and they were punished immediately.

However, because the club can appeal, there is hope that things could change and a pundit has commented on the case.

Ilario Di Giovambattista has followed the development and offered some hope to Juve fans by claiming the Bianconeri could see the decision to punish them overturned because a surprise is on the cards.

He said via Tuttojuve:

“I was told that Coni will have a big surprise.”

Juve FC Says

Most people believe Juve’s punishment is unfair, especially because they have been penalised alone for an act that involved other clubs.

This could see the Bianconeri succeed when they appeal the decision, but this is not a time to rely on the decision changing.

We must work hard on the field to earn a European place and if the decision changes, we will have even more points and probably challenge for the league title.

As one of the biggest clubs in the country and an in-form side, we should be confident that we can win more games and defy the odds to end this term in a good position.

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